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Fitlab $5000 Holiday Body Transformation Contest

Kick start your January New Year’s Resolution and get in great shape before the holidays.

At FITLAB, We WANT to inspire and motivate YOU to own your motivation story. Get in shape now and end the year feeling and looking your best!

The Body Transformation Challenge is designed to help you:

  • Get fit
  • Exceed your goals
  • Improve your overall health
  • You will also have a chance to win the Grand Prize- $5000 cash!

Enrollment: Now through September 19th

Assessment: All contestants must conduct their initial InBody Assessment in FITLAB Nashua on 9/20-9/21 between 9am and 9pm or in FITLAB Manchester on 9/22-23 between 9am and Midnight.

Time Period: Contest officially starts September 24 and ends November 22nd.

Judging and Re-assessments: All contestants will conduct their reassessment in Manchester on 11/24 from 9am to midnight. The client with the most improved % of body fat and muscle mass is the winner.  Contestants who are traveling for the holidays can take their final assessment early.  Just coordinate with your trainer to set the date.

Winner:                                             Announced at 5pm on Monday November 27th

Entry fee:                                          $10 per person

See your trainer for details or email us at

SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO IN JUST 12 WEEKS. Take home $5,000 and the best you!